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2006 in a nutshell

Posted by Nath at 11:59 PM
If you have a calendar handy, you've probably noticed that today was new year's day. This means, of course, that you can't throw an iPod into a newsstand without hitting a dozen 'Top stories of 2005' lists. I was a bit late jumping onto the bandwagon this year, so I figured I'd try something a little unconventional instead. Here, in no particular order, are my predictions for the top ten stories of 2006.
  1. 'Web 2.0' hailed as the next big thing; the expression still doesn't mean anything.
  2. Apple releases shiny white thing in a box; takes market by storm.
  3. Natural disaster strikes disaster-prone area. World community pledges unprecedented sum toward relief efforts.
  4. Natural disaster strikes another disaster-prone area. World community doesn't notice.
  5. New research proves that coffee and sunlight cause certain types of cancer.
  6. New research proves that coffee and sunlight prevent certain types of cancer.
  7. Celebrities do stuff. Newspapers write about them.
  8. Bad stuff happens in the Middle East. Gas prices hit new high.
  9. Bad stuff continues. Gas prices beat previous high. Thousands starve, unable to afford gas and too lazy to walk to the grocery store.
  10. US Senate approves bill allowing the FBI to staple RFID tags to everybody's forehead. Privacy activists protest, but nobody listens.
There – now that I've freed you from having to read the papers this year, you've got time for another top ten list you probably haven't seen before. In May, the UN published a list of Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About. 2004's list is also available, and still mostly relevant.


Posted by Blogger Ms. V at 18 January, 2006 09:34:
Haha!!! I LOVED the list! Who needs Nostradamus anymore eh? ;)

(You'll have to wait a day or two more to see how you faired on your grammar test. Oops. I mean fared! :D)

Posted by Blogger Nath at 22 January, 2006 07:12:

I can't say I'm much of a Nostradamus person myself. I prefer the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter.


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